Mmm, Mitotic Spindles…

Fudgy chocolate sour cream cupcakes with mocha ganache, inspired by images from Kop's research.

A science geek-foodie’s dream come true. In celebration of her most recent publication, “Mitotic Spindle Proteomics in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells,” Dr. Ahna Skop of UW-Madison made these delicious-looking sour cream-based fudge cupcakes iced with mocha ganache. Dr. Skop, I admire your seamless integration of my two passions, and I will be baking up a batch of these for my friends pronto (but only the sciencey friends, because only they will fully appreciate them). For the full recipe, visit Dr. Skop’s blog.

Images from Dr. Kop's latest research on mitotic spindles.


Proper function of the mitotic spindles is essential for cell replication, and therefore propagation of any species. By identifying the proteins that make up the microtubules in this system, Dr. Skop and colleagues hope to create a clearer profile of the mitotic process, which has implications for newly-evolving cancer therapeutics. What a nice little throwback to Biol 205.





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